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  • What is the Optavia Diet?


    Losing weight and eating right isn’t easy. If it was, 30% of the world’s population wouldn’t be overweight. But we lead busy lives, and some evenings, you don’t even want to think about planning dinner. That’s where the Optavia Diet can help you get back on track. What is Optavia? If you’ve never heard of […]

  • FODMAPs Diet

    FODMAPs Diet: A cure for digestive issues? The FODMAPs diet is a new diet doctors are suggesting to patients who suffer from chronic gut issues and chronic digestive complaints such as bloating, abdominal pain, gas, excessive burping, indigestion, diarrhea and constipation. FODMAP is an acronym for Fermentable Oligio-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols. A mouthful, right? Referred to […]

  • GM Diet

    GM Diet

    GM Diet Plan Outline for Success Losing weight quickly is a dream for a lot of people. Whether you are a man or woman, losing weight is more science-based than anything else. Calories come in, calories are expended and calories that are not used by the body ultimately get stored as fat. The issue is […]

  • Jillian Michaels Diet

    jillian michaels diet

    While looking for a new diet plan, the Jillian Michaels diet piqued my curiosity. I’m a Biggest Loser fan, I have been watching since the show premiered in 2004. Not for the same reasons as my friends who liked to gawk at the contestants but for the inspiration that I got watching these people triumph […]

  • Celiac Disease Diet

    celiec diesease diet

    People with celiac disease have a genetic disorder that makes them allergic to any products with gluten. That’s why it’s also known as having a gluten intolerance, and the allergy makes their eating habits very important to their overall wellbeing. A celiac disease diet, while there is no known effective medical treatment or medicine to […]

  • How Can The Atkins Diet Plan Help You?

    Atkins diet plan

    The Atkins diet plan is a technique that helps our body to lose weight naturally by inducing an adjustment in metabolism. Human body is capable of burning both fat and carbohydrates to provide the energy required to function properly. Carbohydrate, in glucose form, is the first fuel used to give energy to the body. Dr […]

  • Extreme Weight Loss Diets

    Extreme Weight Loss Diet

    How many diet plans on the Internet have you found to be actually useful? The thing is, most of these programs don’t really care so much about achieving results than just making a quick buck so they don’t even bother to check if what they’re saying is actually correct. In fact, there are a lot […]

  • Triglycerides Diet


    When starting a triglycerides diet, it is important to remember that dieting alone isn’t going to lose you the weight that you want, but you will also need to exercise in order to get the optimal results.  When you’re attempting a lowering triglycerides diet keep mind that you’ll need to ease into the plan.  A […]

  • Glycemic Index Diet

    glycemic index diet

    The glycemic index essentially ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on the body’s blood glucose level.  This  effectively measures the effects various carbohydrates have on glucose levels in the blood. A high glycemic index would mean that the carbohydrate breaks down quickly and releases a high amount of glucose into the blood. A low glycemic […]

  • Components of a Low Purine Diet

    low purine diet

    Purine is actually a natural substance found in food which when digested, turns into a waste product known as uric acid. It is a common substance abundantly found in anchovies, organ meats, sardines, dried pulses, broth and mackerel that is usually excreted with the urine. Purines are usually derived from animal proteins while plant proteins […]