Triglycerides Diet


When starting a triglycerides diet, it is important to remember that dieting alone isn’t going to lose you the weight that you want, but you will also need to exercise in order to get the optimal results.  When you’re attempting a lowering triglycerides diet keep mind that you’ll need to ease into the plan.  A good diet is just as important as exercise, since they have a synergistic effect on one another.  If your current diet is something a doctor would describe as a high triglycerides diet, then you are really going to have to work to cut triglycerides from your diet.

Triglycerides Diet

The main reason why you may want to go on a triglycerides diet is to cut triglyceride levels down to something more manageable.  Triglycerides are what cause the absorption of calories in humans when dealing with fat.  Since an accumulation of calories is exactly what you don’t want when you are dieting, it is essential that you try to eat foods that lower triglycerides while you are on your diet.  With the decrease of triglycerides in your system, you will be able to start to notice subtle changes in your weight based solely on the fact that your body has stopped storing calories in an unwanted way through your triglycerides diet.  With such an easy way available for people to start lowering triglycerides levels, it actually comes as a shock that people haven’t been trying to lower their levels sooner.  This is due to the knowledge of the medical field not really being there until fairly recently that has shown the correlation between foods with low triglycerides and losing weight.

  If you are actively trying to cut out triglycerides from your diet, you are going to have to stay away from foods that are high in carbohydrates.  Certain grains and bread are what would be classified as foods high in triglycerides, whereas fish and flax would be helpful for lowering triglycerides levels.  Exercise also helps to lower triglyceride levels by burning up the fat and calories that have been accumulating that are responsible for the triglycerides in the first place.  This will make some people wonder how to lower triglyceride levels; the answer is fairly easy to see.  You will need a proper exercise regimen along with a change in the foods that you eat in order for a triglycerides diet to work properly.   The best kinds of exercise to lower triglycerides include those that target the fat in your body, usually around your belly and upper legs.  Regular cardiovascular activity will always help in supporting a triglycerides diet, but you may need to go above and beyond that to really start getting the most out of your triglyceride diet foods. Since cardiovascular activity can help burn calories and fat from all around your body, it’s a good place to start since there aren’t many exercises you can do to reduce the fat in your stomach specifically besides crunches.  For most people on a triglyceride diet, the goal is to get your body to gradually burn the calories, taking shortcuts by starving yourself or over-exercising won’t work, it will just damage your body and as a defense mechanism, your body will actually start storing all the fat that it can, thereby actually increasing your triglyceride levels.   Exercises that can help you with your triglycerides diet include squats and quad curls, these can start to take care of some of the fat that is built up in your legs, especially your upper legs.  Since your body will be burning the calories, it usually ties to burn them from the places nearest where it absolutely needs them, which in this case, is where a lot of triglycerides are being stored.  Other exercises for lowering triglycerides include lunges and reverse lunges, which target triglycerides in your legs, and chest exercises, which continue to burn calories in the process of building muscle long after you stopped doing them.   Actually going on a triglycerides diet is going to take quite a bit of dedication; it isn’t easy avoiding foods that are both high in triglycerides and high in carbohydrates. In order to really get the most out of a low triglycerides diet, you need to think about how you are going to stay only on triglyceride diet foods, especially when most of the foods that are low in triglycerides are either not in season, or aren’t really in any of your favorite foods.  The key here is really not to go out hunting for low triglyceride foods; it's more about just steering clear of foods that seem to be very high in triglycerides.  Since it may be hard to tell from the outside just looking at them what sorts of foods might fall into this category, it would help to remember a general rule of thumb that says if a food is high in cholesterol, and it is high in triglycerides.  Likewise, if a food is high in carbohydrates, there is a very good chance that it too is high in triglycerides.   You’re going to find a lot of benefits in starting a low triglycerides diet, the increase in exercise that you should be getting will lower your BMI and you’ll lose several pounds, depending on how much you weigh currently, you could really be looking at a big lifestyle change.  With the increase in cardiovascular activity, you will also be helping your heart maintain its health and the health of your cardiovascular system in general, the less energy that the heart has to use in order to pump your blood, the better of shape it will stay in when you get older.  There is also research that shows that high triglyceride levels have been linked to certain diseases that are, for the most part, preventable.  

Using a low triglycerides diet in order to lose weight is going to have a profound effect on your body if you manage to follow through with it. Your health will generally improve, and you won’t have to deal with the negative side effects of being overweight.