Jenny Craig Vs Nutrisystem

Jenny Craig Vs NutriSystem

With more people becoming aware of their health and the importance of maintaining an optimal weight, low fat diets have become quite popular. The Jenny Craig and the Nutrisystem are some of the most popular diet program. Located in California, Jenny Craig was established by Jenny and Craig. The Nutrisystem, On the other hand, is a retail store that deals with weight loss plans and at the same time provides advice to people on how to lose weight. In addition to selling its products on its stores the company also sells its products online. Both products have a big market and it is important to do a Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem review before you can use either of them.

Jenny Craig Vs NutriSystem

While both companies aim is to assist you to lose weight, their diet plans are different. Jenny Craig provides a meal that is complete with breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. You can start taking home made meals as soon as you reach your intended weight. Alternatively, Nutrisystem has different diets for males and females based on their age and health condition. The company also provides fruits and vegetables supplements together with the main course. However, unlike the Jenny Craig Diet, this diet does not offer you an alternative to go back to your normal diet when you lose weight.

Concerning taste, both diets have a plain taste since they are low in carbohydrates and their fats are cooked using minimal oils and spices. Most consumers prefer the taste of the Jenny Craig diet, compared to the odd flavor of the Nutrisystem. The mushrooms sold by Jenny Craig tastes like they are overcooked while meat loaf and tomato sauce by Nutrisystem is believed to have an old flavor.  Both diet programs have an awful taste and you will need to bear with them if you want to lose weight quickly.

Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem is not complete without comparing the price. The price of Jenny Craig diet is relatively higher than that of Nutrisystem. For the Nutrisystem you will need to pay at least $300 in a year while the Jenny Craig diet will cost you approximately $400 dollars. You may want to use the Nutrisystem if you are working on a budget since it will help you to save money.

Since your main goal is to lose weight, you will need to know which of the twp diets is more effective in helping you to lose weight. Both programs will help you to lose at least two pound every week, although this might vary based on individuals. On average you will lose one to two pound every week. This means that both programs are effective, although the Jenny Craig program is believed to be more effective.

In conclusion, the Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem comparison shows that the Jenny Craig is more effective n spite of being relatively expensive. You can go for counseling in their stores while Nutrisystem provides its counseling online. Your choice should be based on your individual needs. Go for the one you feel is good for you since both of them will help you to lose weight.