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Thrive is a lifestyle experience developed by the Le-vel company to help build and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The thrive experience is achieved through a 3 part nutrition and wellness daily regimen. Before I get into the nitty gritty of the regimen and what it entails, including ingredients and their benefits, I’d like to give a brief account of the company brand, Le-vel.


Who is Le-vel?
Le-vel is a Multi Level Marketing created by wellness promoters Paul Gravette and Jason Camper. The company was created to offer a higher level of nutrition to consumers seeking how to build and maintain and healthy, active and “thriving” lifestyle. The company has created a brand targeted at wellness and nutrition as a lifestyle through their products. With their company on the rise, Le-Vel is gaining momentum not only in the MLM world but becoming mainstream in health and wellness lifestyles across the globe.


They have achieved such success in developing a product line that they market as the ultimate ‘experience’ in building and maintaining a nutritious and active lifestyle. The product line is THRIVE and it was developed for just that in mind- for people to thrive in their daily lives while taking their products. Released in 2013, the THRIVE experience has almost developed a cult like following, in customer usage and promotion. It’s success has risen rapidly and that is mainly due to testimonial usage of their products. They are marketed as all natural, high quality ingredients in their most purest, raw form. However, words are not what makes a company a continued success. As Le-vel states, “Thrive is not something that can be described with words…. it must be experienced.” What makes a company and brand successful is whether what they promote and market actually works. And it most certainly does, for most.





Le-vel Thrive Products

Thrive is the the first product line from the Le-vel company. It is solely responsible for catapulting Le-vel brands into an instant success. It is a three step daily regimen consisting of 1) Women’s or Men’s formulated capsules, 2) Lifestyle Shake Mix and 3)Derma Fusion Technology. The trifecta of wellness is promoted to bring out the best, more active, energetic healthier you!  EASY AS 1, 2, 3!
1) Women’s or Men’s capsules. You take one or two capsules upon waking. The capsule formulated for men and women has

Thrive Capsules

2) Life Style Mix.  Mix with preferred liquid or as a shake 30-40 min after capsule.
Thrive Lifestyle Mix
3) Derma Fusion Technology. Place on a clean, dry area of skin that has easy absorption (forearm, bicep.)

Thrive DFT
Although you can purchase a sample of Thrive Experience, you should invest in the whole Experience.  Being an 8 week journey to wellness to see full benefits and results, you would need to give it the full time for optimal results and satisfaction. The best thing about the Le-vel company, it that it is FREE to be a customer and promoter. You can use the link below, take a peek around at all of the products they offer. No commitment to purchase, no commitment to promote. You can order and try out the experience with no commitment to continue thereafter.

No strings attached! You can also THRIVE for FREE just by referring 2 customers!


Thrive Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about The THRIVE Experience

“Can’t start my day without it! The combination of the patch, pills and shake are unbelievable.”

Happy Thriver in Minnesota

“I follow all three steps with Thrive…vitamin capsules, shake and DFT.  I feel amazing! I am a skeptical person. My friend suggested it to me and I balked.  Then she gave me a week’s worth of samples.  I didn’t believe it enough, so it took me two weeks to start.  I caved because she wouldn’t leave me alone! haha.  Day one, I felt a little more energetic, but nothing extraordinary.  By day three I could feel a significant increase in my energy level. Plus, I found the appetite control with the DFT irreplaceable! After the first week, I was a ‘thriver’ and by week 2- I had dropped 12 pounds as well as a decrease in inflammation and joint pain.  I feel amazing! My only regret… I wish I would have started this sooner!”

Thrive success in Georgia

“I’m very skeptical of MLM companies.  They always have the rep for using a different marketing strategies that result in scams! I tried it to help out a friend who was promoting it.  I committed to the 8 week challenge and fact is… this product works and I am more than satisfied with the results.  I follow the 1,2,3 complete program- wake up and take capsules, drink shake 20-30 min later and then place my DFT.   The benefits of Thrive are not guaranteed unless you follow the whole program for 8 weeks minimum and I highly recommend it.  I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in years.  I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. My focus and daily performance has increased and I look forward to taking on the day!  I’ve lost about 10 lbs in one month. Overall,  I feel a lot healthier and energetic since starting the Thrive Experience. And no yucky side effects, racing heart or crash.”

Thriving in New York


Free Thrive
Whether your Wellness goal includes weight loss, weight gain, getting and staying fit or just be the best versions of yourself, it’s worth a THRIVE!

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