Safe Weight Loss With Holistic Body Cleanse Programs

You’ve likely seen weight loss cleanse programs being advertised as a guaranteed way to lose weight and detoxify your body from unhealthy toxins lurking within your system. Celebrities, such as Beyoncé, have proudly endorsed this method of weight loss, claiming to have lost a drastic amount of weight in a short period of time.

But, in all reality, do these programs really work? And if so, is this really a healthy way to achieve weight loss?

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There are a plethora of weight loss cleanse programs out there, but most will involve the consumption of a liquid concoction mixed with certain ingredients to accelerate weight loss. A typical program may include the use of household items such as cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemon juice, and water mixed together. Most of these types of diets will require you to omit regular solid foods from your meals and replace them with the liquid cleanse for a period ranging from a few days to a few weeks.

Possible Health Complications From Cleansing Programs

Many healthcare professionals warn that this type of diet can be dangerous to a person’s health. Depriving the body of proper food and nutrition can lead to several health complications. Some of these health problems may include:

  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of muscle tissue
  • Fluctuations in blood sugar levels
  • Added stress to body systems

Side Effects Of A Weight Loss Cleanse

While a weight loss cleanse can help get rid of toxins, it’s important to understand the side effects that you may experience. Not all cleanses are created equal, and if you don’t heed the precautions, you may end up in worse shape that you started in.

Many people who follow a cleanse program will notice that they experience headaches. Some headaches may not be too debilitating while others may be severe, even leading to migraines. These headaches are the results of withdrawal from a certain chemical that your body was getting but isn’t getting any longer. Sugar and caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches. However, these headaches don’t necessarily mean that something’s wrong, just that your body’s adjusting to not having the surge from sugar or caffeine. The headaches should lessen as the days pass.


The Bottom Line: Does It Help Your Lose Weight ?

Many of you die-hard dieters will still choose to partake in a weight loss cleanse just to drop a few pounds despite the possible health risks. So, can you really lose weight with this type of plan? The answer is a little more ambiguous than just a simple yes or no. Yes, you will lose weight, but what you are actually losing is mostly just water and muscle tissue. This is not a good solution for long-term weight loss.

A certain factor to consider is the fact that you might actually gain more weight back in the long run once you are off the program and start integrating regular foods back into your diet. This happens because the body will go into starvation mode if it is deprived of food. As a result, once you start eating again, your body will actually hold on to fats and calories longer, because the body thinks it has to do this in order for it to combat starvation and survive.

Sure, a weight loss cleanse will work if you need to drop a few pounds for a wedding or a dreaded class reunion, but don’t count on it to be a permanent solution in your fight against the battle of the bulge.

Most healthcare professionals would agree that eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients and low in calories coupled with a steady exercise program is the best way to achieve long-term weight loss success.

How To Cleanse Your Body Naturally

Undergoing a weight loss cleanse can kick start any weight loss diet. To cleanse your body naturally you might choose to do a juice fast made from fresh vegetables and juice or a more moderate approach such as eating only whole, natural foods. If you want to lose weight, cleansing your body naturally will remove impurities and toxins from the body, allowing you to feel better and have energy, as well as lose those unwanted pounds. It is very simple to cleanse your body naturally. All anyone has to do is follow a specific diet for a predetermined period of time to help banish impurities from the body.

A weight loss cleanse is intended to cleanse the body of toxins and chemicals that are accumulated from the environment and foods that are eaten every day. During the process it burns off the excess fat safely and efficiently for a leaner, healthier body. The typical weight loss cleanses last from four to 10 days and limits foods to raw vegetables, fruits, juices and water. Eating raw vegetables and fruits is known to boost your metabolism and support the elimination of waste, which helps to lose weight.

Avoiding Processed Foods

Eating processed foods and unhealthy diets are contributory factors in exposing the body to harmful toxins. Cleansing the body removes all of these harmful toxins and impurities that accumulate over time. Natural cleansing is one of the best ways to get rid of the impurities that build up in the body.


Drinking sufficient amounts of water daily is one of the best things to do for a weight loss cleanse. This aids in getting rid of all the harmful substances, wastes and toxins from the body. Drinking fruit juices can also help to cleanse the body naturally. Adding prune juice or apple juice is an easy way to cleanse your body naturally. For optimal health it is recommended to drink at least 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water daily, whether or not you are following a weight loss cleanse program.


Following a diet that helps to cleanse your body naturally is crucial. It is also important to avoid toxic foods such as processed foods filled with preservatives, fats, sugars. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid caffeine and alcohol. High fiber foods that are naturally wholesome and nutritious should be eaten, since these are known to help eliminate impurities from the body. Examples of these types of foods would be green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and spinach, as well as raw vegetables and fruits. Adding nutrient dense leafy greens, raw vegetables and fruits to a daily diet will surprise you at how quickly you can accelerate weight loss goals.

A weight loss cleanse can support your weight loss goals in a number of ways including supporting the body’s fat burning process and flushing toxins from the body. A natural weight loss cleanse can help lose weight quickly with an average weight loss of up to 10 pounds in just a few days.

Four Benefits Of A Weight Loss Cleanse

A weight loss cleanse is an excellent way to remove toxins from your body and help you get to your optimal weight. This type of cleanse can also help to improve your health. Many people are overweight because they have waste products stuck in their intestines. By simply cleaning out your system you may be surprised by the amount of weight you will lose.

#1 Clearer Complexion

A weight loss cleanse can also help to clear up your complexion. Oftentimes when excess waste remains in your system it can begin to taint your blood, circulate in your system and seep out through your pores. This sometimes leads to pimples, black heads and other skin conditions. Many people find when they cleanse their system the problem goes away and they are left with clean, clear, smooth, supple skin. The cleanse may employ something as simple as water to flush the waste products and toxins out of your system.

#2 Increased Energy

People who find themselves feeling sluggish and lacking energy can also benefit from a weight loss cleanse. When people are overweight it can often sap their energy. They may find it difficult to do the things they were accustomed to doing. The extra weight may cause them to lose their zest for life. Carrying around 15 or 20 extra pounds can cause your muscles undue strain. Whether the weight is in the form of fat or undigested food the result is the same, a lack of energy and aches and pains all over your body with no apparent medical cause. By cleansing out your system you can help your muscles to relax, improve blood flow, eliminate excess weight and increase your energy.

#3 Better Mood

Depression is another ailment that may have its roots in excess weight. Many overweight people find themselves feeling blue and lacking the will to do the things they once did. Everything is a struggle. They may feel they have some type of chemical imbalance. Often doctors prescribe drugs or other expensive therapies. What many people do not realize is when your system is clogged with waste it can get into your blood and pollute your circulatory system. The brain requires clean oxygenated blood to function at its best. When waste is in the system it can taint the blood and have a negative effect on mood.

#4 Improved Health & Well-Being

If your system is not clear of toxins it can affect your overall health. Medical professionals agree cleansing the excess toxins from throughout the body can positively impact your health. When toxins are combined with excess weight it can lead to high blood-pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, liver damage, stroke, diabetes, breathing problems, gout and many other ailments.

Death begins in the colon.

When your intestines are packed with the remnants of processed food, animal products, medication, environmental toxins and other forms of waste you can be carrying around 10 or more pounds of poison in your system.

A weight loss cleanse not only makes you look better, it protects you from a range of illnesses as well.

2015 Update

Our research has shown that dividing the cleanse process into 3 distinct phases increases your chances for a successful outcome

Holistic Body Cleanse

Before you begin a any diet, it is a good idea to take a step back and get a macro view of the entire plan.

When it comes to body cleanse programs, you must take your planning to the next level.

A body cleanse will remove all of the bad foods that may have accumulated inside your colon. These foods didn’t just become lodged there and you are probably not aware that they are there at all. That is our hope at least, so that you can rid your body of these toxins before they do serious damage.

#1 Pre-Cleanse

There are a few things to do prior to starting your cleanse, as follows:

How long will your cleanse last? Three to five days is the average time to stay on a cleanse; however, some cleanses last from seven to ten days.

What foods or food juices will you eat or drink during the cleanse? Getting rid of all your junk food is highly recommended. Next, you should stock your cabinets with healthy foods such as fruit and vegetable juices along with pure water.

Do some light exercises each day such as walking or bike riding during your cleanse. This exercise should last for 20 – 30 minutes each day of your cleanse. Avoid any heavy exertion or physical exercise. The goal you are working toward is to help your body rebuild and repair itself during cleanse. Do not commit to any heavy physical exercises if at all possible.

#2 During the Cleanse

During a body weight loss cleanse, you will be drinking at least eight glasses of fruit juice or water each day. Some people dilute the juices with water to make them more palatable. Also, diabetics dilute them to help remove the sugar found in some fruits and vegetables. This is also a good idea if you find some juices that seem extremely strong in flavor. Pureed vegetables are also a good drink during a body cleanse as well as providing more nutrition. Besides those people who are learning how to do a weight loss cleanse, some cleansers also drink decaffeinated herbal tea.

#3 Post Cleanse

You will need to begin adding food slowly to your diet after ending the weight loss cleanse. For the first 24 hours post cleanse, add steamed vegetables, broth, and some rice. Forty-eight hours after the cleanse is complete, you need to begin eating some more solid foods such as bread, cereals, and seafood.

At 72 hours past the end of the cleanse, try adding almost everything except foods that are fried, foods that are processed, plain white sugar, and artificially colored food. Also, this is an excellent time to start your exercising regimen again. Do not forget your fluids by drinking at least eight glasses of water daily and the clean feeling that comes with that.

Most folks cleanse and flush generally about three to four times during a year. However, I currently practice a similar detox diet and cleanse on a weekly schedule. This keeps me feeling clean, light and healthy at all times.