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  • Is Intermittent Fasting Good For You?

    Intermittent Fasting

    Looking for an easy way to lose weight which doesn’t entail learning a bunch of new recipes or making major changes to the contents of your pantry? Sometimes less is more. Such is the case with intermittent fasting (IF) according to the proponents of this popular diet. And this is a diet with a lot […]

  • Swimming For Weight Loss

    swimming for weight loss

    As anyone who has jumped head first into a serious workout routine can attest- sometimes being over aggressive with your workout can backfire. You see this a lot around New Year’s when everyone floods the gym to get back in shape but quickly stop trying after the first few weeks. This is especially true for […]

  • Safe Weight Loss With Holistic Body Cleanse Programs

    You’ve likely seen weight loss cleanse programs being advertised as a guaranteed way to lose weight and detoxify your body from unhealthy toxins lurking within your system. Celebrities, such as Beyoncé, have proudly endorsed this method of weight loss, claiming to have lost a drastic amount of weight in a short period of time. But, […]

  • Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Programs

    Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Programs

    Colon cleansing may not be a topic for the dinner table, but this practice has become trendy in the health and fitness world. Proponents of cleansing claim that it helps heal illness, improves energy levels and even helps you lose weight. Is there any truth to these claims? How Colon Cleanses Work Before we take […]

  • The Path To Eating Wisely Is Different For Everyone

    One of the keys to creating a successful weigh loss plan for anyone is to make sure that the plan will work in the long term and not be shortsighted. There are literally thousands of fad diets that are effective while you are on the diet, but as soon as you stop and attempt to […]