What is the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet?

Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet

ProLon is taking the world of dieting and health by storm. The trendy plan is a 100% plant-based diet that pushes keto to the side and incorporates a fasting-mimicking diet. What does this mean? The diet isn’t exactly fasting in the sense that you stop eating completely – you just trick your body into going into that fasting state.

And when the body is fasted, it clears the mind, helps you lose weight and promotes cell rejuvenation.

It’s a diet that’s good for your waistline as well as your overall health. Dr. Valter Longo created this diet. If you don’t know who Dr Valter Longo is, you’re not alone. Valter is the director of Los Angeles’ Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California.

What Is ProLon?
what is prolon

ProLon is a diet that helps your body get into a state of fasting with five days of strict instruction. Anyone can commit to a five-day plan that boosts their health. The key to Dr Valter Longo’s diet is that it’s:

  • Fast
  • Supports metabolic balance
  • Rejuvenates the body

You’re able to benefit from optimal metabolic health while still eating delicious food that keeps your hunger at bay while still allowing you to maintain lean body mass.

Long-term lifestyle changes aren’t required to put your body into a state of fasting.

When you decide to give ProLon a try, you’re opting for a diet that allows you to enjoy:

  • While food meals – 5 small boxes of meals
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Day-by-day meals to eat

You don’t have to disrupt your entire lifestyle. The food tastes good, there’s no massive learning curve and all you have to do is follow the plan’s guidelines.


How Does A Fasting Mimicking Diet Work?

Fast Mimicking Diet Plan

Fasting mimicking is a great opportunity to help your body reboot. A lot of doctors recommend fasting for the immense health benefits that it offers. Doctors claim that a five-day fasting can help the body by:

  • Supporting metabolic health so that you burn more calories and lose weight
  • Rejuvenate cells and allow the body to sort of reboot
  • Trigger what’s known as “autophagy” to rid the body of worn cells

One clinical study found that following three cycles of the ProLon Fasting Mimicking diet can help you shave off 1.6 inches from your waist and also lose 5.7 pounds on average.

The benefits of fasting with ProLon is that you’re tricking the body into thinking that you’re fasting while benefitting from weight loss, reduced insulin-like growth factor and cell rejuvenation. Studies on ProLon also show a reduction in blood pressure, insulin, triglycerides and glucose.

When you choose ProLon for your diet, you’ll receive a plan that includes:

  • Five boxes of food, each marked for a specific day, and all of the food for each day
  • 73 plant ingredients in each day’s meal to fuel your body

You might think that you can mix and match a different day’s foods but you cannot. Instead, you need to follow each day in a specific order because the calorie restrictions need to be precise to truly benefit from the diet. If you deviate from the plan, you’re not going to enter the fasting state that your body needs for proper health.

The foods you eat are filled with plant-based ingredients that add great flavors to each food. You’ll be eating numerous foods, including snacks, soups, teas, bars, kale flax crackers, olives and other foods.

On day two through five you’ll be drinking a glycerol-based drinks that aims to make you feel full so that your stomach isn’t aching and you’re not dying of hunger.

There’s also an instruction sheet that makes it easy to follow the diet. And you can even drink one cup of black coffee on the diet each day if you need an extra boost of caffeine in the morning.

If you’re wondering what the worst day of the fast is, most people claim that the third day is the worst. The first day is really about getting you to reduce your calories, but the third day is a major struggle.

The first day of the diet you’ll be consuming 1,100 calories while the remaining days will drop your calories to 750 per day. These caloric deficits cannot be maintained over the long-term, but over a five-day period, you’ll be more than fine sticking to the diet.

When you’re done with the fifth day of fasting, you’ll be craving a big meal. Don’t do it. The instructions recommend that you take it slow and transition back to solid, heavier foods. If you just go and call in a pepperoni pizza to be delivered, you’ll feel bloated. Slowly introduce solid foods and higher calories back into your diet.



What About A Do It Yourself Fasting Mimicking Diet?

Fasting Mimicking Diet Patents
The ProLon Diet Is Patented

Fasting is something that you can do on your own – most people do. But recent studies show that this may not be a good option. One study found that reducing calories versus fasting led to similar weight loss, but the group that fasted lost significant lean muscle mass.

And when you lose this lean muscle mass, you’re not only losing muscle but your slowing down your metabolism.

It takes more energy, in terms of calories, to supply muscles than it does fat. Losing muscle is counterintuitive and can lead to more difficulty losing or maintaining weight loss in the future. It’s never good to lose muscle on a diet.

When you opt for ProLon, you’re choosing a program that is designed to stop the loss of lean muscle mass. Slowing the loss of lean muscle mass allows you to maintain your strength while also feeling better.

There’s also the benefit of being able to start a five-day fasting cycle and being able to maintain the benefits of the fast over a long period of time. It’s the easy way to fast and benefit from weight loss, metabolic increase and numerous other benefits.

So, while you can fast on your own, you may be losing muscle mass rather than actual fat.

No one wants to lose muscle rather than fat. With the ProLon method of fasting, you’re able to melt away the fat and keep your muscle mass.

ProLon Results

ProLon has a lot of great success stories. You’ll find rave reviews on the company’s main site as well as on social media and scattered all over the Internet. You’re not going to lose 20 pounds in a week or anything unrealistic on this diet.

A few of the reviews that stand out to me the most are:

  • Maria Tulpan, MD states that her and her husband were able to lose 4-5 pounds (her) and 15 (him) over the course of multiple fasting periods. The effects of the fast lasted for weeks and the couple states that they feel great.
  • Joan Brackin found following the 5-day fast was much easier than following other forms of intermittent fasting. The food was tasty, and she was able to lose three pounds in just five days of fasting.
  • Bil L decided to follow the ProLon diet plan and completed the plan six months before writing his review. He has been able to maintain his results and is now 12 pounds lighter.

While these are just three reviews, they do show you how much weight you can lose and how the results can be long-lasting.

It’s important to understand that while this is a five-day program, it’s a program that is more of a long-lasting option. The benefits that you’ll receive from your first fast can last months, and then as you experience a wavering in your results, you can go back on the fast.

Most people, from my own research, decide to go back on the fast multiple times. You’ll feel better after a fast and help boost your metabolic health in the process.

ProLon’s Fasting Mimicking diet is the sustainable, easy way to begin fasting. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of fasting, which there are many, while eating delicious food. The problem is that most forms of fasting require you to eat bland food and very minimal amounts of it.

But with this diet plan, you’re eating scrumptious food that you actually look forward to eating,

If you’ve ever been on a diet before, you know that the biggest issue is staying on the diet for the long-term. Anyone can find the willpower to stay on a diet for just five days. All you need is a quick, five day fast to benefit from weeks or months of health benefits.

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