The Sensa Diet

The Sensa Diet simply consists of sprinkling flavor-enhancing crystals on the food you are going to eat. These crystals are designed to make you feel full faster and thus help you lose weight faster. The sprinkles are made from malt dextrin, tribalism phosphate, silica and flavors. They are sprinkled on food in the same way you would add salt, pepper or sugar to your food; making salty foods taste saltier and sweet foods taste sweeter. There is a variety of flavors to choose from all of which are calorie-free, sugar-free, sodium-free and gluten-free:

Savory flavors

 Cheddar cheese
 Onion
 Horseradish
 Ranch dressing
 Taco
 Parmesan cheese

Sweet flavors

 Cocoa
 Spearmint
 Banana strawberry
 Raspberry
 Malt

The idea behind these flavor enhancers is that while you eat, the oral receptors in your mouth send a trigger to the brain that releases hormones letting your body know that you are full and that it is time to stop eating. The company calls this process Sensory Specific Safety.

According to the manufacturer, the Sensa Diet is an easy, effective way to lose weight without having to change the way that you eat and without having to use pills and with no restrictions. Unlike diet pills, Sensa has no:

 Stimulants
 Fat blockers
 Diuretics
 Drugs
 Negative side effects

Non-restrictive diet

 No food restrictions
 No calorie counting
 No weight-ins or meetings
 No skipping meals or fasting
 No pre-packaged meals

Sensa Crushes Cravings

 No drastic lifestyle changes
 No intense cravings
 No jittery side effects
 No dangerous “yo-yo” effects
 No mood swings

The Sensa Diet is set up on a six-month plan. The system consists of twelve bottles of the flavor enhancers; that’s two bottles to use over the period of a month (one to use at home and one to carry with you). For best results, individuals must sprinkle Sensa on everything they eat and then move on to the next month at the end of thirty days. To be successful with this diet, you must change bottles every thirty days so your body does not become resistant to the blend so you can continue to lose weight. If you wish to continue using Sensa after six months, simply restart the system using month one.

Dr. Alan Hirsch conducted a clinical study (not to be confused with a clinical trial) of 1,436 people. Of those who completed the program, the average weight loss was 30.5 pounds without making any changes to their diet and exercise programs. This claim is not considered scientifically valid although those in the double-blind placebo group lost an average of 27.5 pounds without making any changes to their diet and exercise program.

The Sensa Diet is centered on the physiological and psychological aspect of appetite. It does not address eating healthily or even promote exercise as a way of being healthy and losing weight. It is intended to work with your sense of smell, fooling your brain and stomach into thinking you are full even when you are not, which is to lead to weight loss.

There does seem to be a high level of success among users of the Sensa Diet, although it has not been approved by the FDA as of yet. The Sensa Diet is a diet that is easily followed because you get a bottle to use both at home and while you are on the go. As with anything, the Sensa Diet has both positive and negative feedback; strong reviews and criticisms. The only way to find out if Sensa is right for you is to give it a try. So head on over to to get your free trial.