what is Phentramin-DTired of not reaching your weight loss goals? Join the crowd.

Every year, month, week and day, people plan their journey to become fit and healthy. Small changes are made, sometimes big changes are made, but in the end, the majority of people fail. You can call it impulse, or you can really dig down to the root of the problem.

People need help keeping the weight off.

Phentramin-D promises this help through assisting in weight loss and control.

We live in a society filled with bad food choices. People are working long hours. It’s easy to give into the temptation of fast food or highly processed food.

It’s the easy choice.

But now Phentramin-D is the easy choice to lose and keep of the extra weight. You’ll be able to keep those cravings under control and actually see results. A major reason why people kick their diets to the curb and give up is because they’re not seeing results.

Results are motivating.

Phentramin-D propels your results forward, allowing you to lose weight and stay on track. You don’t have to worry about stepping on the scale or sneaking to Burger King because of cravings again.

Don’t get me wrong, you still need to put in the hard work and effort to lose weight. It’s an essential part of any diet, but you’ll amplify your results and put an end to those weeks that go by where you might not lose any weight at all when you use Phentramin-D.

What is Phentramin-D?


Considered a groundbreaking nutraceutical, Phentramin-D has been designed from the ground up to help assist anyone struggling with weight loss to reach their goals. Lazarus Labs created this product for people that have tried or are trying to lose weight and can’t seem to get the scale to budge.

It’s a problem facing all of us.

Phentramin-D is called the best Phentermine pill, and it’s the best Phentermine alternative on the market today.

That’s a fact.

But what does this pill do for you that other pills have failed to do?

  1. Appetite. I have been on a lot of diets in the past, and what always gets me is that I am so hungry. My stomach rumbles, I have hunger pangs, and before I know it, I’m eating everything that’s bad for me. My appetite also seems to go bonkers at this time, making me very hungry beyond what’s normal for me. When this happens, I only seem to feel full when I eat calorie-loaded foods. It’s a horrible situation that only gets worse.
  2. Energy. If you lack energy, there are two things that will do it to you: diet and sleep. A lack of energy means you’ll skip those gym sessions that will propel your weight loss efforts forward. No one wants to feel like the energy has been zapped out of them. When you take this supplement, you’ll feel a rush of energy that will keep you motivated and wanting to exercise, go out and have fun in life.
  3. Metabolism. A slow metabolism means that you’ll lose weight slower than everyone else. Sometimes, it’s as if your metabolism has fallen asleep, causing you to seemingly never lose weight no matter how much you try. Phentramin-D boosts your metabolism, ensuring that you can lose weight faster and more efficiently than ever before. It’s a metabolic boost that is the key to losing weight even when you’re sitting.

All of this means that you’ll be able to:

  • Control your appetite to ensure that you’re not overeating or trying to sneak out to McDonalds in the middle of the night because your stomach is growling.
  • Head to the gym, dance class, yoga or whatever it is that you’re doing to propel your weight loss even further.
  • Burn fat when you’re at rest. Everyone has a metabolism, and your resting metabolism is what burns calories to keep your body going. Every function you do burns calories, but when you can sit and burn more calories, this means sustained weight loss and maintenance.

I mean, you’ll still need to do your part. If you take Phentramin-D and decide to increase your caloric intake by eating 1,000 – 2,000 extra calories per day, guess what? You’re never going to lose weight.

Every diet supplement works better when you follow a somewhat healthy diet and an exercise routine.

Phentramin-D is just here to make sure that you knock those pounds off faster than ever before. Your higher metabolism will help you shed those excess pounds rapidly, ensuring that you can reach your goals and stay motivated in the process.

And Phentramin-D is made in the USA.

Not only are you supporting local companies if you’re from the USA, but you’ll have the confidence in knowing that Phentramin-D is manufactured in highly regulated facilities. This means you’ll enjoy high quality products that have been thoroughly tested and quality assured.

The “secret” is in the ingredients.

You’re not getting some herbal mumbo jumbo that all of the other alternatives seem to provide. You’ll be getting a nutraceutical compound that is comprised of a few main ingredients:

  • 2-Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride (PEA)
  • 1,3.7 trimethylxanthine
  • Hordenine Hydrochloride
  • Synephrine Hydrochloride

Phentramin-D ingredients have been sourced with quality in mind, meaning you’ll only ever receive the highest quality tablets or capsules on the planet.

Oh yea, you can choose capsule or pill form.

We’ll discuss this in depth in a little bit. What’s important to know is that when you buy Phentramin-D, you’ll be taking the step needed to achieve real weight loss. This is a dietary supplement that will change your life.

Let’s spend some additional time looking at the ingredients:

Phentramin-D ingredients

  • 2-Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride (PEA): Acting as a stimulant, this ingredient has been shown to boost metabolism and increase the body’s effectiveness at burning fat. Appetite suppression and a mood boost are two additional benefits.
  • 1,3.7 trimethylxanthine: A fancy name for something that may already be part of your routine: coffee. Coffee is a natural energy booster. It helps suppress a person’s appetite and it has a synergistic impact when combined with all of the other ingredients on this list.
  • Hordenine Hydrochloride: A synthetic ingredient that has been shown to have an impact on your metabolic rate. When a person’s metabolic rate is higher, this means that they’ll burn fat faster and more effectively.
  • Synephrine Hydrochloride: Another metabolic-increasing ingredient. What’s nice about this ingredient is that it’s effective while not increasing a person’s blood pressure or heart rate.

As you can see, all of the ingredients are designed to help you lose weight faster by increasing your metabolic rate. This is how a person can lose weight faster.

Tablets vs Capsules

If you’re not sure which is better, tablets or capsules, know that the primary difference is the shape. It’s more of a preference, and a lot of people that have trouble taking tablets will choose capsules because they’re a lot easier to eat.

You’ll notice that the tablets have 37.5 mg of ingredients, while the capsules have 30 mg.

And if you think the capsules are weaker, this is a common misconception. The ingredient amount is different because tablets are harder for the body to digest, so some of the ingredient potency is lost in the process.

Capsules are easier to digest, so it takes fewer ingredients to get the same great effect.

So, in the end, you can choose tablets or capsules – they both work extremely well. The only difference is how easy each is swallowed.

How to Take Phentramin-D

Curious how you should take Phentramin-D? Don’t worry, there’s no magic behind taking this supplement. You’ll want to follow these basic instructions:

  • Take one pill
  • Take with 8-ounce of water
  • Eat before breakfast
  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage
  • Do not exceed four pills in 24 hours

That’s it. You’ll also find that Lazarus Labs recommends taking Phentramin-D alongside a healthy diet and exercise routine. Your metabolism will increase either way, and you’ll have a major increase in energy, but if you want to see rapid, lasting results, a solid change to your lifestyle is the key most important thing.

A lot of people will stack this supplement with other diet supplements for even better results, but that’s 100% optional.

You can and will lose weight if you take just Phentramin-D and eat better.

Phentramin-D Reviews

A diet supplement this good must be talked about a lot. Right?


People have been leaving rave reviews for years, and this lets anyone see what potential they have when taking Phentramin-D. A few of the reviews are:

  • I lost 20 pounds the first time I took this product, and I am back to lose 10 more pounds.
  • I’ve tried everything to lose weight, and I have lost 70 pounds in three years using Phentramin-D.
  • I fully have my cravings under control and can now maintain my weight
  • Very effective. The scale is definitely going in the direction that I want it.

I’m not saying all of the reviews are rainbows and butterflies. There are a select few that have not been able to achieve results.

Everyone is different.

But what I can say is that the majority of people have lost weight and have been able to keep it off after taking Phentramin-D.

Those that didn’t lose weight have the solace of the Phentramin-D guarantee.

What guarantee do they offer?

A 30-day, money back guarantee.

If you don’t see immediate results and the product doesn’t work for you, send it back for a no-questions-asked refund. You’ll have a full refund.

In extreme cases, people were able to lose as much as 25 pounds in a single month with this 24/7 fat burner.

No loss on your end.

Where Can I Buy Phentramin-D?

If you’re making the choice to buy Phentramin-D and start losing weight now, it’s important to buy from the official website. When buying directly from the manufacturer, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • FDA licensed facilities
  • GMP and NSF certification

There are a lot of fake diet supplements going around on eBay and other online sites, but by buying direct, you’ll be able to remain confident that you’re making a smart purchase.

And if you want to give your diet a jumpstart to really lose weight fast, follow the link below to the official website.

When you order your first month’s supply, keep in mind that there is:

  • No prescription required
  • No membership fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No side effects
  • No risk (thanks to the guarantee)

You won’t be able to enjoy this level of confidence with another diet supplement. Most of them are out there to get your money, but this supplement actually helps you lose weight.

Click here to buy Phentramin-D directly from the manufacturer.

If you buy in bulk, you’ll be able to receive discounts for as much as 27% off each bottle.