PhenQ Review

PhenQ Review

Does PhenQ Work

In a busy world, where time is always squeezed between work life and family time, diet and exercise can fall short of the top priority list.

For most of us, we turn to supplements like PhenQ to help remedy this imbalance and to get the energy required for physical exercise.

Although we do the best we can to balance our diet and squeeze in exercise here and there without supplements, we all still need a little help most of the time.

A little help in filling in those gaps where we fall short due to stress, the above mentioned time constraints or the occasional slip in will power.


Most people want a quick & easy fix.

Quick fixes lead to rebound weight gain and nutrient deficiencies x 1000. Then you’re on to the next product quick fix, making it an endless cycle of ups and downs.

However, there can be quick and easy way to start a lifestyle change and getting the body you’ve always wanted. Making smart choices about supplements can make all the difference.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ is a new, multi-dimensional supplement that provides everything that other weight loss and diet supplements offer but do not deliver.

With its ability to burn fat, suppress appetite while also increasing metabolism and improving mood, energy and endurance, PhenQ is the most powerful and effective weight loss supplement on the market.

With its countless positive testimonies and reviews, it is increasing rapidly in popularity and demand.

With PhenQ, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

– Burn fat while also blocking fat production to eliminating fat storage and decreasing weight gain

– Act as an appetite suppressant helping you stay on track diet by cutting out empty calories from mindless eating.

– Increase energy, mood and endurance levels to increase motivation for healthy diet, exercise and weight loss.

How Does PhenQ Work?

phenq before and after results


Being a multi-dimensional product, PhenQ has all of the benefits that so many weight loss supplement claim to offer but never seem to stick.

The developers of PhenQ have taken successful and proven to work ingredients of the highest quality and packed them into one supplement pill to maximize effectiveness and long term success. The formula is top notch, high quality ingredients and is produced and manufactured in the U.S. and the U.K in facilities that are GMP and FDA approved. That means PhenQ is produced in a regulated facility to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its ingredients.

What ingredients are found in the formula?

The Ingredients in PhenQ are a propriety blend of 7 ingredients uniquely combined for optional results. Ingredients found in PhenQ are:

Capsimax Power, a blend of capsicum, piperine (black pepper), niacin (Vitamin B3) and caffeine serve as a fat burning powerhouse blend.

With the stealth thermogenics of piperine and capsicum, it can rapidly increase slimming down by literally heating you up by burning serious fat storage and production.

CalciumCalcium carbonate helps to promote healthy weight loss.

Known for its positive effects on bone growth and health, calcium also helps you maintain weight by triggering the body’s fat cells to decrease fat storage.

The message calcium sends to fat cells is informing them your body no longer needs to store fat because it’s getting the nourishment it needs.

This will help increase weight loss as fat storage decreases.



Chromium PicolinateChromium Picolinate helps suppress your appetite, limiting unnecessary carbohydrate and sugar craving.

By reducing cravings, you can help control your blood sugar. Chromium aids in sugar intake for your cells, so with more chromium going to the cells, it limits the amount of cravings since your body signals it has enough sugar (from extra chromium intake).

Fewer cravings make it of course easier to lose and maintain weight since you are not taking in any excess, unwanted sugar and carbohydrates. Chromium is found in most meats and vegetable as well as some whole grains making it a very essential and natural mineral.

CaffeineCaffeine is found in most weight loss and energy supplements.

In fact, 97% of Americans say they rely on caffeine to get started every day.

The decrease in fatigue while increase in alertness allows you to stay on task with your diet and give you more energy for exercise.

L-CarnitineL-Carnitine Furmarate, found in red meat, various nuts and numerous green vegetables, is a natural amino acid that helps with the body’s conversion of fat to energy.

L-Carnitine amps up this conversion helping rapid fat burning while keeping you energized. It is a staple for fat loss and is included in all the best weight loss supplements.


Nopal is a cactus plant high in fiber.

Increasing fiber makes you feel fuller longer and helps with appetite control. Nopal also helps provide added energy as well as fluid and toxin elimination since it packed full of amino acids.

a-Lacys Reset is the stand out ingredient in Phen-Q. It helps increase muscle mass while losing weight and decreasing body fat. According to the product website, a Lacys Reset has shown in studies to decrease body fat by 7.24%, body weight by 3.44% while increasing muscle mass by 3.8% (compared to placebo).

It is also worth noting as it’s very important, this supplement does not include any bunk fillers that could cause interference with the product effectiveness and absorption.

Many weight loss supplements have so many fillers that consumers have adverse reactions to inhibiting them to receive benefits from the product. The only other ingredients in PhenQ are Magnesium Stearate and Magnesium Oxide so the benefit of the product is fully experienced.


How soon will I see results?


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PhenQ Reviews

Real User Before And After Results

real phenq results

Since every BODY is different and works differently, it is important to allow 3-6 months before judging long term and optimal results of PhenQ.

However, you will immediately find yourself having more energy, more focus, and a noticeable decrease in water retention.

Some consumers have lost 10 lbs and more in one month and some with 5 lbs per week!

Remember, you have to play a role as well. There is no such thing as a miracle pill and boom, your skinny. You must ensure that you are adhering to a balanced diet and exercise while also getting ample amounts of water and the necessary rest and sleep.

These factors paired with PhenQ is a killer combo that will enhance fat burning at full speed and accelerating weight loss quicker and easier.

3 month results

Although both PhenQ and Phen375 have many of the same benefit claims, PhenQ’s proprietary blend offers benefits backed by science.

With its unique a-Lacys Reset, studies compared to placebo showed a significant percentage decrease in body fat (7.24%) and body weight (3.44%) and a significant increase in muscle mass (3.8%).

What separates the unique blend of PhenQ from Phen375 is that Phen375 focuses primarily on weight loss alone while PhenQ focuses on weight loss while also building lean muscle.

Building muscle tone while losing weight is very important as you do not want to lose weight and have flabby muscles and skin as a result. This is a big plus for guys that are looking to retain size and definition while cutting and for women looking to burn calories 24/7.


Thinking of taking PhenQ to jumpstart your weight loss?

A lot of people are finding great results with it and we want to give you a complete view of the product.

By this point, we think you realize that you’ll benefit from multiple weight loss supplements in just one pill.

And with 190,000 satisfied customers, this is a product that gets a lot of praise. People have lost tons of weight using this one simple pill. It’s been called a “miracle diet pill” by many people, but the one thing you don’t hear about often are if there are any PhenQ side effects you should be aware of.

Are there side effects?

Surely someone has suffered from side effects. Right?

We’ll dive deeper into a few claims and expalin why this is a safe supplement for most people.

PhenQ Side Effects

There’s little side effects to worry about with PhenQ. But if you fall into one of the following two categories, this isn’t a supplement you should be taking:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding: Your baby needs all the nutrients he can get. It’s not advised to take any form of a diet supplement if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Under 18 Years of Age: If you’re under the age of 18, this pill is not recommended for you.

And these are the two groups that need to be careful with any diet pill. You’ll also want to consult with your medical professional if you have a health condition or you’re taking medicine. Diet pills may cause further health issues, or diet pills may conflict with your medication.

So, these are the few individuals who should not take PhenQ.

Safe is a relative word.

PhenQ is safe when taken as recommended.

If you decide to take an entire bottle at one time, you’ll be exceeding safety guidelines. Aspirin and even Tylenol fall into these same guidelines. You never want to overdo it, as you’ll suffer from potential side effects that may be fatal

Caffeine and Stimulants

Some people are very sensitive to caffeine, so if you’re one of these individuals, this may not be the diet pill for you. While an energy booster, caffeine can also cause the jitters and may cause you to stay up later at night, too.

If you have trouble sleeping after taking PhenQ, you can stop taking the pills or simply don’t take them close to bedtime.

Minor Side Effects

There are some reviews online where people suffered from minor side effects, including:

  • Anxiety – maybe caffeine related
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

For some people, they simply can’t take pills without some form of side effects presented. But these side effects will subside after a few days of using PhenQ in most cases. All side effects will cease if a person decides to stop using PhenQ.

PhenQ uses time-tested ingredients to help lower a person’s appetite and burn excess fat.

These ingredients have not been linked to serious side effects. A person who doesn’t maintain a proper diet may find that their body’s metabolism is increased, causing excess fat burn. When the body’s metabolism increases and a person doesn’t consume adequate calories, they may suffer from:

  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling faint

Diet pills or any dietary supplement must be taken with an adequate diet for proper results. An adequate diet does mean maintaining a sufficient caloric intake. If your caloric intake is insufficient, this can lead to dizziness, nausea and feeling weak.

Since PhenQ does increase your metabolism while decreasing your appetite, it’s possible that you may not consume enough calories in the day. Monitor your caloric intake if you find yourself feeling weak, tired or dizzy.

So Is It Safe?

Yes. The ingredients found in this leading weight loss supplement have been deemed safe. The ingredients include:

  • Capsimax powder
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Caffeine
  • Nopal
  • L-carnitine fumarate

When you look up these ingredients separately, you’ll find that they’re safe for consumption. A few of the studies that point to the safety of these products include:

  • Capsimax powder – studies find that this ingredient is likely safe when taken orally and in amounts found naturally in most foods. This ingredient, when taken in normal amounts for a short period of time may cause upset stomach or sweating. The only time this ingredient is unsafe is if it’s taken in very large doses over a long period of time.
  • Calcium carbonate – WebMD states that this ingredient may cause gas, burping and constipation in some individuals. Severe allergic reactions or side effects are very rare.
  • Chromium picolinate – any chromium supplement is safe when taken in normal amounts.
  • Caffeine – a stimulant, caffeine is found in coffee and soft drinks, yet the side effects are anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. This side effect is mentioned above, yet it’s a rare complaint for the 190,000+ people that have found true weight loss with PhenQ.
  • Nopal – safe in normal dosages, Nopal derives from the prickly pear cactus and has mild side effects, such as headache and bloating.
  • L-carnitine fumarate – an amino acid that’s safe for consumption, L-carnitine is even deemed possibly safe for pregnant women, so you know it’s safe for most adults. The only time this ingredient isn’t safe is if the person is suffering from kidney failure, seizures or an under-active thyroid.

These are the ingredients you’ll find in PhenQ, and they’re all deemed safe when taken in the appropriate dosages. You’re always at risk of complications when you take any form of supplement that exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendations.

PhenQ’s formula ensures that your body gets a healthy dose of each ingredient above without exceeding safe guidelines. And since you’ll have a lower appetite and faster metabolism, you’ll find that you shed several pounds of fat faster when using PhenQ.

Is It safe? Yes.

But remember, any ingredient may cause an allergic reaction that should be followed by swift medical care to ensure that the reaction is short-lived. If you suffer from any side effects when taking PhenQ or another supplement, cease taking the supplement. Symptoms that persist should be checked by a medical professional just in case there’s an underlying issues.

People who have struggled to lose weight their entire lives have found that the only thing that works for them in PhenQ.

If you’re having trouble losing weight and you want to try a proven formula that has been shown to work time and time again, it’s time to give PhenQ a try.

This supplement will help you lose weight.



PhenQ is also backed by a 60 day money back guarantee so you can try it with nothing to lose, except weight of course, and muscle to gain.

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Where To Buy PhenQ?

Getting your dream body has never been easier or more simple.

Right now, PhenQ is offering bulk pricing discounts when you order 2 or more bottles. You can find these buy-one-get-one free incentives on the PhenQ official website.

It is important to allow three to six months of usage for a quick start to lasting results!

To ensure your satisfaction with PhenQ, the company stands by its product quality and effectiveness by offering a 60-day money back guarantee. This is the best weight loss supplement for 2019, get started now!