weight watchers

Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers diet is devised of counting-points system that aids in weight loss.  Dietary guidelines are set to succeed in short-term as well as long term weight loss.  Its short term success is unenviable with the diet composition but long term success will depend on whether or not the person can make it a lifestyle change and continue on the diet indefinitely.  The diet is made up of diverse nutritional components that help aid in choosing food items that will keep you feeling full so you eat less.

weight watchers

How many points will I have and how will I know what to eat?

The points you are allotted are based on your specifications:  Age, gender, height, weight, weight loss and nutrition goals.  You will have those points to use throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean your foods are limited.  The idea of Weight Watchers is fuel up on foods that are zero points and satisfy your hunger, while food that is void of national value and keeps you feeling hungry will be worth the highest points.  For example, you will be able to eat lots of fruits and veggies, while things like cookies, chips or soda will be very limited, as they might be the highest in points.

The Weight Watchers program offers many recipes to help you plan meals that will help you follow the diet and stick with it.  You can use their recipes and points system so you fill up on good foods while still getting to satisfy that sweet tooth.  There are over 40,000 foods listed on their website.  You can also find Weight Watcher ‘approved’ foods everywhere now, from grocery stores to major food chains.  It helps you make good food choices when you go grocery shopping as well as going out to dinner.

Does it really work for weight loss?

Ranked #1 in best overall diets by US News, the Weight Watchers program advertises itself as a healthy diet asking for “just two weeks to get you going.”  With the points system helping delegate what foods you are consuming, it would be impossible to not lose weight, unless you are not following the plan correctly or have another medical condition preventing weight loss.  Of course, it’s always important to keep moving during any diet- exercise is a must for a healthy lifestyle.

How can I get started?

The most ideal part of Weight Watchers is that you decide how you are going to be a part of the program.  They offer memberships via meetings or online.  A lot of diets feel it helps them to have consistent encouragement and support on their journey to a healthy lifestyle.  When participating in the membership program by attending local meetings for as low as $9.95 monthly (weekly pricing is also available too), you will:

– Get to share your experience with others and vice versa.  You will be able to connect and give/receive advice from others who are sharing in your journey.

-Get the advice, encourage and support you need from people who have been in the program and succeeded.  Their meetings are held by people who have their own Weight Watchers success stories.

-Have onsite help and motivation in reaching your weight loss goal, while having on site weigh-ins to track your progress.

-Have access to all tools via Smartphone as well so you can follow on the go!

If you feel you would rather participate more independently, privately or may not have the allotted time to participate in on site meeting, Weight Watchers also offers an online program.  With online enrollment starting at $18.95/month (and special pricing for multiple month purchasing), you will get:

– complete online access to all apps and digital tools at the ease of using a home computer or a Smartphone on the go.  According to Weight Watchers website, they offer over 200,000 foods and at least 4,000 recipes for more choices at home and dining out.

– the freedom of on the go weight loss management and support, while still connecting to fellow members through an online community and social networks, like Facebook.

– access to all features of the online program like videos, blogs, articles and receive tips to help encourage and educate on the program and other ways to maintain  healthy lifestyle.

Whichever route you decide to take, Weight Watchers has been proven to work and if you stick with it can continue to work throughout your life.  It has many celebrity endorsements, in particular Jennifer Hudson- who looks absolutely fabulous and continues with the Weight Watchers system daily.  Even if you do not continue with meetings, Weight Watchers offer tools that will help you continue on your dietary journey.

***This article is for information purposes only.  You should always consult with your doctor before beginning any diet and/or exercise regimen.