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  • Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Programs

    Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Programs

    Colon cleansing may not be a topic for the dinner table, but this practice has become trendy in the health and fitness world. Proponents of cleansing claim that it helps heal illness, improves energy levels and even helps you lose weight. Is there any truth to these claims? How Colon Cleanses Work Before we take […]

  • The Biggest Loser Diet

    The Biggest Loser Diet

    Whether you tune in each season or not, chances are you have heard of The Biggest Loser on the NBC television networks. It is a reality show where people compete in a weight loss challenge. The shows has trainers that teach the participants about the importance of physical activity and a healthy diet and how […]

  • Mediterranean Diet

    mediterranean diet 101

    When you hear the words Mediterranean Diet you might think of a diet consisting of Mediterranean foods only.  That is not the case with this diet.  The Mediterranean diet is a balanced diet that aims to help you maintain your health, physically and psychologically.  Widely known for their longevity of life, people along the Mediterranean […]

  • Weight Watchers

    weight watchers

    The Weight Watchers diet is devised of counting-points system that aids in weight loss.  Dietary guidelines are set to succeed in short-term as well as long term weight loss.  Its short term success is unenviable with the diet composition but long term success will depend on whether or not the person can make it a […]