Water Fasting

Losing weight has more to do with what you drink and eat than it does with exercise. While exercises can take your weight loss achievements to new heights, a water fasting diet can also promote healthy weight loss without spending hours in the gym. For anyone that routinely tries to eat healthy and simply cannot budge the scale, a body cleanse may be exactly what you need to see optimal results.

Before we discuss how to implement a safe salt water flush that will kick start the fasting process and a detox plan, let’s further discuss the concept behind this type of fasting.

What is Water Fasting?

Water Fasting
Did you know that you can go weeks without eating, but you would only survive days without water? The whole idea behind water fasting is that you’ll consume only water. The length of the fast will depend greatly on your goals and needs.

Many people will practice this method of fasting for a week or less. Your body will need to obtain nutrients at some point, so any longer than one week should only be done under doctor supervision.

The goal of water fasting is to push out all of the toxins in the body. Your intestines are often lined with these toxins as well as your other organs. As such, you’re carrying around all of this unnecessary weight with no way to get rid of it without a potent cleanse. If you want to know how to cleanse your body without detox drinks, this is the best detox diet around. However, you need to be in good health during this time.

Water Fasting Benefits

Water contains no calories and is as pure as can be. No sugars or additives means that the body can get complete rest. Digestion comes to a halt at this time. Fat stored in the body will be the main source of calories and will be the target of energy.

The benefits seen with a water fast are:

  • Fat Burn: After 2 – 3 days, Ketosis begins within the body. This is a process wherein fat stores are going to be released for the body to use as energy. During Ketosis, the fat deposits in the body will be reduced, leaving you with a leaner body.
  • Weight Loss: A mere 7 day fast often leads to over 15 pounds of weight loss. Most of this weight will be water weight ironically, but you’ll still have lost at least half the weight even after going back to your normal diet.
  • Clarity: Many people claim that they achieve a higher level of mental clarity during this time. Concentration, after the initial few days, seems to be boosted greatly.
  • Detoxify: Especially when using a salt water flush to kick start the fast, detoxification will occur. This removes all of the gunk from within the body that makes you feel heavier and depletes your energy and mental clarity.

Water fast results will vary greatly from one person to the next. The typical weight loss seen in a 7 – 10 day fast is 15+ pounds. During this time, muscle loss, as seen with a 10 day fast, will be 1/3 – 2/3 of a pound. These figures are based off of the traditional 1 – 2 pound muscle loss over a 30 day fast. Since extreme exercise is near impossible when fasting, you will notice some muscle loss.

These are the immediate benefits that are seen, but many studies have shown that fasting can also:

  • Help fight against diabetes and heart disease.
  • Lower the overall risk of disease.
  • Lower blood pressure.

There are a variety of benefits not discussed. You’ll want to ensure that before you begin your body detox plan, you do the following:

  • Consult with a doctor to ensure you’re in optimal health.
  • Remove all of the tempting food from your fridge and cabinets.

If you have heart conditions or any other medical condition, you’ll want to talk with your doctor and proceed with extreme caution. A fast will leave you in a weakened state until you begin eating normally again and may cause adverse side effects if you take medications.

How to Implement a Salt Water Flush

Salt Water flushing is used to force the body to have a bowel movement and draw toxins out of the body. Since you’re only drinking water at this time, you don’t have the fiber needed to push waste out of your body. Constipation or no bowel movements may occur depending on the length of the fast. When detoxing, many people choose to perform a salt water flush.

The one big question is how extreme do you want to be? Some people view salt as cheating on the fasting process. You don’t need to follow the flush, but it will be very helpful in seeing results.

Let’s get started with how you can create your flush:

  1. Fill a bottle with 1 quart of water.
  2. Add in 2 teaspoons of sea salt.

The water you add should be warm. Now, you’ll stir the water thoroughly.

After you have stirred the water, it is time to drink the whole bottle of salt water. Be prepared, this is not a pleasant drink that will have you begging for more. Don’t wait too long to drink the entire bottle as you’ll want to remove as much toxins as possible.

Note: Do not use mere table salt. Ideally, you’ll use sea salt that has not been altered.

When to Flush

One of the most asked questions. When should you perform a flush? Ideally, you’ll drink your salt water flush first thing in the morning. This is done so that the detox process can begin as early in the day as possible. If you’re worried about becoming dehydrated, don’t. Since you’re consuming only water, you’ll find that the flush does not cause excessive thirst or dehydration.

How Often

Flushing can be done daily. In fact, most detox plans call for a flush once a day. So, if you’re ready to truly rid your body of all the bad toxins and gunk that has been stored away, by all means, perform a flush every day.

Tips to Follow

There are a variety of tips to keep in mind that will make sure you get the most out of the flushing and fasting process. Adhere to the following tips:

  • Use only pure sea salt.
  • Lay on your right side for 30 minutes following a flush. This is said to help the flush move through the digestive track.
  • Ensure that the flush is done on an empty stomach.
  • Try not to pass gas.

The last tip is a precaution. Your bowel movements will be very watery if not complete liquid. Passing gas can lead to a very messy situation. However, this is not the norm, so don’t worry too much about it.

If you are not doing a flush in conjunction with water fasting, you can use lemon to mask the salty taste. The choice is yours and lemon itself is a detoxifier, so it shouldn’t hurt.

Through fasting and flushing, you will be finally cleaning out a lifetime of buildup that would otherwise persist in your body. While the initial fast will be difficult, you’ll notice amazing results after the first 2 – 4 days have passed.